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BASF is a global supplier of innovative feed additives for livestock, aquaculture, and companion animals.

Feeding more animals for the growing global meat, milk and egg demand while saving the planet‘s resources and environment is the key challenge: for the feed industry, for farmers, and for us. We are here to take on this challenge with enthusiasm to provide to our valued customers excellent products for a sustainable future.

Opteinics™ in a nutshell

Sustainably produced food is playing an increasingly important role for consumers. With Opteinics™, BASF Animal Nutrition has developed a digital solution to minimize the environmental impact of animal protein with an emphasis on animal feed production. This is because the composition of the feed alone can positively influence up to 80% of the total ecological footprint of animal protein such as milk, meat and eggs. Opteinics™ stands for Optimizing Protein Analytics and is integrated into the compound feed formulation software. The platform is based on globally recognized environmental footprinting methodologies such as the UN Food & Agriculture Organization Livestock Environmental Assessment & Performance (LEAP) Partnership guidelines and draws its data from impartial databases like the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI). Feed and livestock producers can rely on the solution to assess and improve environmental impacts directly at the feed formulation stage.

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We know that our customers expect products from us that keep animals vital and help them to thrive. We talked with our customers on todays' and future challenges:

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