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Demand for meat and milk is increasing by two to three percent each year and will continue to grow. At the same time, the agricultural land available for feed production will remain limited. Meat producers and dairy farmers must meet the ever-growing global demand for high-quality meat and milk while resources become scarcer and commodity prices fluctuate unpredictably.

Also, the feeding of ruminants is complex. Whether calf, dairy cow, fattening bull, sheep or goat – the demands on the feeding are different in every phase of life and performance and require a close look at the needs. In principle, ruminants are able to digest feed with a higher fiber content. This distinguishes them from monogastric animals. But high performance also requires a high nutrient concentration in the feed and an effective utilization of available feed resources is the key for economical livestock production.

In meeting these challenges, efficient nutrition is a key lever that helps to provide animals with essential nutrients to grow, stay vital and promote overall well-being and health. For sustainable production of high-quality meat and milk.

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BASF products help to…

  • Reduce the strain of lactation
  • Make for more and better milk
  • Improve the quality of silage
  • Prevent feed spoilage
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Sustainable Milk Production

Each dairy cow in the herd must first be reared and fed for two years before calving for the first time and producing milk. Therefore, if cows produce milk for longer and achieve as many lactations as possible, this reduces the feed costs per kg of milk produced while improving the efficiency and sustainability of milk production overall. Fertility is therefore a key criterion for a high lifetime yield, productive lifetime and, ultimately, efficiency. Our portfolio of high-performance feed ingredients including vitamins, essential trace elements (glycinates) as well as mycotoxin binders supports the lifespan and fertility of dairy cows.

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