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Vegapure® Plant Sterols: Our Optimal Solution for Cholesterol Management

BASF is among the leading suppliers of plant sterols and their esters with more than 150 years experience in the human nutrition industry. We offer a premium product range of phytosterols which are used in several dietary supplements and food applications.

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the No. 1 killer in Europe - almost 50% of all deaths in the WHO European region are related to cardiovascular diseases (4 million deaths each year). The rise of cardiovascular diseases is a growing issue on a global scale, resulting in greater concern for healthy cholesterol maintenance. This rise in health awareness goes hand in hand with an increasing interest in food, beverage and dietary supplement solutions that can be integrated in a healthy lifestyle.

Scientific evidence has shown that supplementing dietary phytosterols can particularly benefit individuals with an elevated blood cholesterol and CVD risk. In addition to diet, lifestyle and medication, phytosterols lower levels of total blood and LDL cholesterol through competition with cholesterol absorption, interference with transport and stimulation of excretion. 2–3g phytosterols per day has been shown to be the most effective and safe dose.

Benefits of Vegapure® Plant Sterols

  • We offer naturally sourced ingredients that are scientifically supported and regulatory compliant in the major markets.
  • We offer the broadest range of delivery forms for premium phytosterols and phytosterol esters with superior sensory profiles for dairy, oil and fat applications.
  • We have with more than 150 years of history in the human nutrition industry an exceptional experience in producing, handling, and applying plant sterols to many product forms.
  • We offer excellent customer support in scientific, regulatory, and formulation matters.

Vegapure® plant sterols are an effective, naturally sourced alternative for cholesterol management and overall heart health.

Source of phytosterols

Phytosterols or plant sterols are natural fat components of all plants including oil seeds, grains, nuts, legumes, vegetables and fruit seeds or are contained in food such as margarine fortified with phytosterols.

What makes BASF’s Vegapure® unique?

With our long-term experience and leadership in supply management of plant sterol and sterol esters, we have developed a premium, consumer-accepted ingredient product range customers can rely on.

All of our Vegapure® sterols have an excellent sensory profile and are vegetarian, kosher, halal, gluten free, and BSE/TSE free. With our various product forms and concentrations of Vegapure® we provide the broadest product range in the market and support flexible applications.

By helping our partners choose the ideal product for their desired application and assisting them in bringing the product to the market, we help them to create an effective ingredient in a finished product.


Our premium Vegapure® product range is the broadest in the market. Our products are water and oil-dispersible and suitable for a wide range of dietary supplement, beverage and food applications.

Our Vegapure® 95 products offer a wide range of applications in dietary supplements and foods. These products are suitable for liquid and oil-based supplements as well as shots and soft gelatin capsules. Vegapure® 95 products can also be used in dairy products, such as milks and milks with juices, desserts, sweets, yogurt, cake filling cream, ice cream, and mousses.

Our Vegapure® WDP products are suitable for a wide range of applications in beverages, dietary supplements and foods. In addition, Vegapure® WDP include liquid and water-based supplements, instant powders, and chewable, swallowable, and effervescent supplements. Vegapure® WDP can also be used in baked goods, biscuits and cookies, cakes and yeast-raised baked goods.

Health Benefits of Vegapure® Phytosterols

Vegapure® plant sterols are an effective, safe, and proven total and LDL cholesterol-lowering ingredient effective in blood lipid management and overall heart health.

Phytosterol-enriched foods, beverages and supplements benefit individuals with elevated blood cholesterol levels who do not qualify for pharmacotherapy, as an adjunct to pharmacologic therapy and in individuals with familial hypercholesterolemia. Dietary phytosterols may also lower blood triglycerides. Cholesterol lowering effects are proposed to benefit cardiovascular diseases including atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction.

In addition to diet, lifestyle and medication, phytosterols lower levels of total blood and LDL cholesterol through competition with cholesterol absorption, interference with transport and stimulation of excretion. Daily consumption of 2-3 grams of plant sterols can lower total blood and LDL cholesterol levels by up to 12.5%.

Digestion with and without Vegapure® Plant Sterols

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

We partner with scientists and clinical investigators to help deliver to you the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) endorsed e-learning tutorial. The Dyslipidaemia Management Tutorial focuses on management of dyslipidemias, which play an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD). This tool further discusses lifestyle and dietary modifications, especially with regard to the use of plant sterols/stanols in food, which can help lower cholesterol levels and consequently reduce the risk of CVD.

Disclaimer: The data contained in this publication are based on our current knowledge and experience. In view of the many factors that may affect processing and application of our product, these data do not relieve processors from carrying out their own investigations and tests; neither do these data imply any guarantee of certain properties, nor the suitability of the product for a specific purpose. Any descriptions, drawings, photographs, data, proportions, weights, etc. given herein may change without prior information and do not constitute the agreed contractual quality of the product. It is the responsibility of the recipient of our products to ensure that any proprietary rights and existing laws and legislations are observed.

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