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Where Efficient and Intelligent Solutions Come to Life in Collaboration with Our Customers

BASF’s network of Application Labs offers an outstanding array of services on a worldwide basis with special attention paid to regional preferences and cultural differences. We develop products jointly with our customers on site for the market segments dietary supplements, beverage and food.

Our Application Labs around the world allow local testing of the product concepts we develop in close cooperation with our customers. Our highly trained commercial and technical teams combine a deep understanding of the market with regional application know-how. They support our customers from consultation to implementation and enable them to react quickly to changes in the market. We offer our customers and partners the best service in application support for unique requirements, tailor-made training and technical support. We also partner with leading universities and research centers to strengthen our regional application support and service.


  • We support our customers and partners with technical application services and product developments as well as tailor-made training in our globally linked Application Labs.
  • We have more than 150 years experience in the human nutrition industry with a unique ingredient and formulation expertise.
  • We extend our portfolio with forward-looking products, formulations and concepts based on global trends and regional specifications.
  • We offer “ready-for-consumption” products in our Application Labs. The labs fulfill standards of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).


Ballerup, Denmark:

The Human Nutrition Application Lab in Ballerup offers its services primarily to our customers from the dietary supplements industry and to infant nutrition manufacturers. A team of experienced technical and application experts supports them in formulating e.g. tablets, powders and beadlets. In addition, the team offers analytical support to our customers based on its extensive knowledge in the area of analytics for BASF products and products in different applications. Among other things, it is possible to test the hardness, friability and disintegration of tablets as well as the stability, flowability and water activity of powders. The lab also offers organoleptic tests e.g. of our powdered Dry n-3® omega-3 fatty acids in infant nutrition products.

Illertissen, Germany:

Our European food industry customers can rely on the services of the Application Lab in Illertissen. An experienced team of technical and application experts provides customer service for desserts, emulsions, baked goods and dairy products. Our customers benefit from application guidance for products such as Lamequick® whipping agents and Spongolit® cake emulsifiers. In addition, they can take part in application training to experience our products first-hand. The team in Illertissen is also able to support our customers with its large database of proven and reliable recipes, trials in pilot plants and individual recipe development and adjustment.

Istanbul, Turkey:

The Application Lab for our customers in Middle East, Russia/CIS and Africa is located in Istanbul. It focuses on creating ready-for-consumption baked goods and desserts with our food performance ingredient products. Jointly with our customers the team works to achieve country-specific end-consumer needs in terms of taste, appearance, texture and product stability. Furthermore, the Istanbul team offers our customers tailor-made support when they face challenges while formulating their recipes. Customers, distributors and other partners can also take part in theoretical and practical training where they can learn about the taste, texture and color of food products.


BASF Innovation Center KitchenLAB

Ludwigshafen, Germany:

We operate the Application Lab for liquids at our Ludwigshafen site. The lab offers its worldwide customers technical and application support for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, juices and energy drinks. The Ludwigshafen team supports our customers in developing beverages that meet the highest standards e.g. in terms of color stability, light stability and haze stability. We support our customers in optimizing existing formulations as well as in developing new formulations. Moreover, the liquids application specialists are able to produce ready-for-consumption beverage samples.


Singapore, Singapore:

Our customers in Asia Pacific receive first-class application services for the entire Human Nutrition product line from the Application Lab in Singapore. The laboratory team offers analytical services to our customers and supports them in the development of recipes that meet the needs of the diverse Asian-Pacific market. This not only contributes to the success of a product, but also leads to faster market entrance. Moreover, the lab in Singapore has a close partnership with Singapore Polytechnic, the first polytechnic school established in Singapore. This allows us to work together with Singapore Polytechnic’s Food Innovation and Resource Centre to strengthen our regional application support and service.

Shanghai, China:

The Human Nutrition Application Lab in Shanghai opened its doors in 2017. It is the second lab to offer application services to our customers in Asia Pacific. The team in Shanghai provides its services for dietary supplements, beverages, dairy products and baked goods. Together with our customers, the team develops products that meet the diverse needs of the Asian-Pacific market. Among other things, the lab will be equipped with pilot plant facilities such as a continuous aeration machine for cake manufacturing and a UHT machine for beverages and dairy products. Regarding the services for the dietary supplements market, the lab will work in synergy with the BASF Pharma Solutions Lab in Shanghai.


Tarrytown, USA:

The Human Nutrition Application Lab in Tarrytown is part of the Tarrytown Research and Development Center, which also is home to research laboratories for pharmaceutical applications and personal care. Experienced technical and application experts work to find solutions that help our customers efficiently market products that meet the needs of American consumers. The team works on new delivery forms for dietary supplements as well as innovating the next generation of snack foods, baked goods, beverages and dairy products. Among other things, the lab offers services such as analytical studies of raw materials, benchmarking studies and customized formulation development. In addition, the lab offers workshops and on-site product demonstrations for customers to see and taste the advantages of using our ingredients first hand.


Jacarei, Brazil:

The modern Human Nutrition Application Lab in Jacarei, Sao Paulo is part of the first Nutrition and Health Center in South America, that is also home to a pharmaceutical laboratory. The application lab targets the South American bakery, biscuits and confectionery industries and lets customers react quickly to changes in the market. Specialized technicians develop food technologies and prototypes jointly with our customers and support customers who face challenges in formulating their recipes. The Jacarei team focuses on process improvement, application of nutritional and performance ingredients, sensory analysis (flavor and appearance) and shelf life. Moreover, our customers can participate in on-site application training to learn about our ingredients first-hand.