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Tonalin® CLA: Sustainably sourced from natural safflower

Tonalin® is a high-quality Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) that is unique, safe and stimulant free. BASF is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of CLA from safflowers. One of the first to receive GRAS approval, Tonalin® CLA takes a science-based approach and has excellent sensorial properties for ease of application.


  • Our Tonalin® product range is a widely recognized CLA in the consumer dietary supplement market
  • Tonalin® contains high levels of wanted and active CLA content and has low amounts of unwanted trans isomers.
  • The Tonalin® product range has excellent sensorial properties suitable for a wide range of application formats. 

BASF’s Tonalin® CLA is a widely recognized CLA in the market that shows a high ratio of wanted and active CLA isomers and low amounts of unwanted trans trans isomers. With excellent sensorial properties and a range that includes oils and water dispersible powders, Tonalin® can be effectively formulated for premix, supplements, food and beverage applications.

With our long-standing expertise and reputation in nutritional science, regulatory and formulation, BASF can offer robust support to our customers’ product development and innovation needs.

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