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Poultry demand is growing by two to three percent every year and will continue to expand with nine billion people consuming ever-larger amounts of eggs and poultry meat by 2050.

Producing poultry and eggs in turn comes with more and more challenges: Taking care of the animals vitality while achieving optimum performance to earn a good profit, meeting the ever-expanding global demand while less resources become available and raw material prices fluctuate unpredictably. In the face of these growing demands, optimal utilization of nutrients and efficient feeding are key levers. With our innovative feed ingredients portfolio we are helping to meet these challenges and aim to provide our customers with the best possible support in producing healthy, high-performance and sustainable poultry feed.

Graphic: 70% of the costs involved in poultry production come from feed.

Your benefits at a glance

BASF products help to…

  • Improve the digestibility of wheat, barley and soy
  • Better utilize phosphorus and NSPs in feed
  • Optimize the color of egg yolks and broiler skin
  • Provide an optimal supply of nutrients
  • Keep feed free of bacterial pathogens and fungi
Animal feed additives - Photo of a brown laying hen

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Animal health - Photo of breast feathers of white broiler

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