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Vitality & Wellbeing

Our feed ingredients address the lifetime performance and wellbeing of a wide range of domestic animals, from poultry and pigs to ruminants, shrimp and farmed fish and companion animals.

While vitamins give all species everything they need for their metabolism, monoglycerides stabilize digestion, glycinates provide essential trace elements and feed enzymes help pigs and poultry to better digest and utilize their food. Our products are proven and always effective, supporting animals wellbeing and vitality sustainably. And as an important contributor to securing the continued and increasing supply of safe, high-quality, affordable animal protein to meet increasing consumer expectations.

Your benefits at a glance

With our feed portfolio we help you to 

  • Keep animals energetic and productive
  • Support digestion and utilization of feed and thus make better use of the energy provided by the feed
  • Keep feed hygienic and fresh
  • Provide animals with everything they need for their metabolism to grow, stay vital and eventually supply high-quality meat

Discover our enzymes, monoglycerides, vitamins and glycinates portfolio

Photo of the coat of a pig

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