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Pigs are monogastric (single stomach) animals and are inefficient digesters of fibre. Their nutritional requirements for optimal and healthy growth and performance are influenced by different factors such as e.g. the genetic potential, age and body weight or the physiological state.

A young pig requires a diet higher in protein and energy than does a finisher pig or a sow. All feed mixtures must take these different requirements into account in terms of their nutrient content. Currently the demand for pork is growing by two to three percent every year particularly in the emerging countries. Producers have to meet the ever-expanding global demand for high-quality meat while less resources become available and raw material prices fluctuate unpredictably. In meeting these challenges, nutrition is a key lever in helping pigs better digest and utilize their feed, providing them with what they need to grow, stay vital and ultimately deliver high-quality meat.

Graphic: 60% of the costs involved in pig production come from feed.

Your benefits at a glance

BASF products help to…

  • Improve digestibility and thus efficiency of feeding
  • Utilize inherent nutrients in the feed
  • Supply pigs with highly bioavailable trace elements
  • Keep feed hygienic and fresh
  • Support balanced growth and high-quality meat
Animal feed additives - Photo of a pig

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