Animal Nutrition


Our products help pigs to better digest and utilize their food as well as keeping feed hygienic and fresh.

We provide what pigs need to grow, stay vital and eventually supply high-quality meat. The pioneering phytase Natuphos® E, for example, improves digestion of plant phosphorous. This helps to avoid adding inorganic phosphorus, and preserves resources as well as the environment.

Raising pigs is challenging. You have to meet the ever-expanding global demand for high-quality meat while less resources become available and raw material prices fluctuate unpredictably. You need to make sure that your animals are vital and achieve optimum performance so you can earn a good profit. How can a producer cope with all of this? You need passion and experience – and efficient feed additives from your supplier: the best products for a sustainable future from a leading expert like BASF.


  • Animal wellbeing
  • Optimal performance
  • Cost efficiency

Demand for meat is growing by two to three percent every year and will continue to expand with nine billion people consuming ever-larger amounts of it by 2050. At the same time the amount of farm land available for feed production will remain limited. With these challenges ahead, pig farmers need to build on experience and expertise in nutrition. This is an essential investment as it helps to care for the environment and animals alike, saves money, keeps farm operations efficient and ready for the future.

BASF’s feed additives help meat producers to be successful. Vitamins are essential nutrients for animal growth. Organic acids keep feed and drinking water hygienically clean and prevent spoilage. Highly efficient, thermo-stable enzymes help improve digestion so that more energy and micro-nutrients are utilized from the feed. For example, Natuphos® E enhances digestability of plant phosphorus and thus reduces the use of inorganic phosphorus – which conserves resources as well as the environment.

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