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Color is important for appeal and for perceived quality of food. Markets around the globe have very clear preferences as to the desired color of egg yolks for example.

Naturally, the color of egg yolks ranges from a very pale, powdery yellow to a deep, dark, golden orange depending on a range of influences such as the carotenoid content in the diet, or the age of the hen. Thus, to meet the preferences of consumers, farmers have to provide additional pigments through the feed. Same applies to fish and crustaceans living in aquaculture thus do not eat carotenoid-containing algae and fish. Farmers who want their salmon, trout and shrimp to have the desired high-quality color have to give nature a little boost. This is why we offer high-quality carotenoids that give egg yolks, salmon, trout and crustaceans the desired pigmentation.  

Maybe the most important thing about carotenoids is that although every living organism on the planet needs them, only plants, some algae and fungi can produce these pigments. When fed to animals, carotenoids add value to food colors that we perceive as attractive and appealing. 

Animal feed ingredientss - Photo of shrimps

Your benefits at a glance

With our feed portfolio we help you to 

  • Achieve precise color results according to local preferences
  • Support immune function in farmed fish and enhance reproduction
  • Improve efficiency – our carotenoids show greater efficiency in comparison to natural products such as grass meal or marigold
  • Improve bioavailability – meaning less of the pigment will end up as manure
  • Get reliable results – every beadlet of our product contains the same amount of pigmenting agent
  • Improve usability – the beadlet technology ensures that the product is free-flowing, easy to handle and stirs up less dust, it also protects the pigments

Discover our carotenoids portfolio for poultry

Discover our carotenoids portfolio for aquaculture

Animal feed additives - Photo of breast feathers of a brown laying hen

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