Animal Nutrition



Vitamins are essential for the vital growth and development of animals.

As one of the first vitamin producers worldwide we offer high quality vitamins that are pure, stable and reliable since 1970. Our vitamin portfolio includes vitamin A (Lutavit® A 1000 NXT, Lutavit® A 500 Plus, Lutavit® A 500 S NXT, vitamin A Palmitate, vitamin A propionate), vitamin E (Lutavit® E 50, Lutavit® E 50 S, vitamin E acetate) and vitamin B2 (Lutavit® B2 SG80) as well as vitamin B5 (Lutavit® Calpan 98%).

Your benefits at a glance

  • Increased resistance of animals to infectious diseases
  • Reduced sensitivity to stress
  • Prevention of pathological changes in the skin and mucous membranes, poor feed utilization, diarrhea, and hormonal and nervous disorders
  • Promotion of cows’ reproductive activity
  • Increased membrane protection, benefitting udder health and thus improving milk cell count
  • Promotion of vital growth and development of animals
  • Stimulation of the formation of vital bodily substances

Our vitamin portfolio

Your questions – our answers

We have been producing high-quality vitamins since 1970 thus being a global expert in this field and a leading supplier of vitamins for more than 50 years. Our vitamin products are cost-effective and stable during processing and storage. Reliable supply and consistent quality confer additional benefits on our customers. Last but not least, BASF, being a well-established player, possesses a broad range of technical experience and know-how that clearly benefits you.  


Our broad vitamins portfolio includes products for the vital growth and development of all major species of livestock, companion animals as well as aquaculture.


All vitamins are available in powder form; vitamin E and vitamin A are additionally available as oil: Vitamin E-Acetate, Vitamin A-Palmitate and Vitamin A-Propionate.



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