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Lucarotin® Beta-Carotene

Our Lucarotin® Beta-Carotene

Lucarotin® is a beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a source of provitamin A and an antioxidant that provides several health benefits. BASF’s Lucarotin® is used in several dietary supplements as a health ingredient and a colorant for beverage and food applications.

Lucarotin® is part of our premium beta-carotene product group with several grades of powders, emulsions and oils. Our Lucarotin® helps to create an alluring, visually appetizing product with a diverse range of yellow, orange and red hues.

Source of Lucarotin® beta-carotene

Beta-carotene is a micronutrient, which mainly occurs in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, as well as in green leafy vegetables.

Benefits of BASF’s Lucarotin®

  • We offer an effective alternative to artificial dyes with our nature-identical carotenoids.
  • With Lucarotin®, we meet high regulatory and quality requirements.
  • We offer a variety of solutions to suit your individual needs for several dietary supplements, food and beverages applications as all our Lucarotin® products have a fast and easy dispersibility. 

What makes BASF’s Lucarotin® unique?

With more than 150 years of experience in producing and supplying health and performance ingredients for dietary supplements, beverages and foods, we have long-term expertise in product development and production.

With our premium Lucarotin® product range we help produce foods and beverages without artificial colors but with the same clarity, stability, appetizing appearance and pure taste. Lucarotin® adds brilliance and vibrancy to carbonated drinks and juices, as well as a variety of foods, without the warning label. Furthermore, the range has an outstanding color stability without any staining or ringing in the end product.

We offer vegetarian, vegan, allergen free, cold-water dispersible Lucarotin® products. Our Lucarotin® 10 CWD/O Plus offers great dispersibility at low shear force. Due to its excellent dispersibility in cold media, the product is also suitable for use in vitamin mixtures for the fortification of food with provitamin A. Additionally, Lucarotin® 30 dispersion grades can be used in emulsions, liquid and oil-based dietary supplements, soft gelatin capsules, as well as dairy products in food applications.

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