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Lutein for eyes and healthy vision

Lutein is a carotenoid naturally contained in many fruits and vegetables. Typical dietary sources are kiwi, corn and spinach. Lutein belongs to the group of xanthophylls, which are known for their role as macular pigments in the eyes. 

In the eye's macula, where sensitive photoreceptors are located, macular pigments are recognized to build a shield against light-induced oxidative stress. Scientists have identified a connection between the macular pigment, eye health and vision.

Busy lifestyles and increasing screen time as a result of heavy reliance on digital devices are challenges consumers face every day. As such, consumers are increasingly aware about their eyes and healthy vision, and show interest in eye health supplements.

BASF offers free lutein as well as lutein esters (Xangold®) from marigold flowers (tagetes erecta). A variety of oily and powder formulations is available for dietary supplements as well as fortification of foods and beverages.

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What makes BASF’s lutein an excellent choice for your products and applications?

  • World-class production

    • BASF’s free lutein and Xangold® lutein esters are extracted from marigold flowers and purified.
    • In Xangold® products, the natural characteristics of lutein esters are maintained (no saponification).
    • Sourced from Peru, South America, the marigold flowers come from the same reliable source every year (vertical integration)
  • High-quality products

    • Rigorous quality and production controls from start to end ensure consistently high product quality
    • Selected products are from certified organic marigold flowers

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BASF’s microencapsulation technology enables production of lutein in oily and powder form for manifold applications

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