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Companion animals are often considered full family members. A nutritionally balanced diet thereby is key contributing to longvity and a healthy life.

Beyond that, odor, consistency, taste and learned eating habits often play a role. The best feeding method is one that maintains optimal body weight and condition. Well-balanced feed contains all the necessary nutrients to strengthen the animal´s immune system, keep their digestive system working properly and ensure a shiny and healthy coat. Our high-performance feed ingredients contribute to the fitness and vitality of dogs, cats and other pets so they may spend many years as part of the family.

Your benefits at a glance

BASF products help to…

  • Keep dogs, cats and other companion animals vital and full of energy
  • Ensure an optimal supply of vitamins
  • Provide them with essential trace elements
  • Ensure a long and healthy life
Animal nutrition products - Photo of the head of a dog

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Animal nutrition products - Photo of the coat of a dog

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