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Small quantities – big impact: Glycinates with organically bound copper, iron, manganese or zinc.

In the past, trace elements were added to the feed in the form of inorganic salts such as sulfates and oxides. Only a limited percentage was absorbed by the animal – the major part ended up in the manure. Quite a waste both financially and environmentally. Today, organically-bound trace elements such as glycinates are commonly used in animal feeds, since they show higher bioavailability. This results in increased animal performance and better animal vitality and productivity. BASF glycinates are very easy to digest with excellent solubility for optimal absorption.

Benefits at a glance

  • Better absorption and bioavailability
  • Essential nutrients for metabolism
  • Excellent flowability and mixing behaviour
  • Perfect combination of efficiency and animal performance

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Video BASF Glycinates: Organically-bound trace elements

Our glycinates portfolio

Your questions – our answers

BASF glycinates are providing our customers with trace elements in a form that is highly sufficient and guaranteed to fulfill animal requirements. BASF glycinates can be dissolved directly in water and do not need to be dissolved beforehand. Since they have less potential to build complexes with phytate, a higher absorption rate by gut mucosa an even greater efficiency from supplemented phytase can be expected.

Thanks to the superior production process of the BASF glycinates you can rely on: 

  • consistent content of trace elements 
  • uniform particles 
  • excellent flowability 
  • no dust and easy to handle 
  • perfect miscibility and water solubility 
  • no bad odor
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Glycinates are available as free flowing homogenous granules.

Icon animal feed additives in powder or granulate form

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