Animal Nutrition

Organic Acids

High-quality forage is the most important prerequisite for a high milk yield and efficiency.

BASF provides solutions that help optimize the nutrient content and quality of harvested feed and improve the hygiene of by-products and farm-produced compound feed.

Poor forage can, in the worst case, lead to illnesses in the animals. Furthermore, expensive straight feeding stuffs, such as wheat, need to be used for energy compensation. Good silage has a low pH value and a low butyric acid content. When harvesting time is optimal and, in the case of grass silage, wilting is successful, the lactic acid bacteria naturally present in the silage crop are usually sufficient for reliable fermentation.

Key benefits of BASF organic acids

  • Succesful silage of difficult crop
  • Good silage for other types of feed that are difficult to ensile
  • High feed and energy intake

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