Animal Nutrition


Smallest complex with highest mineral content - trace elements are essential nutrients required by all animals. They supply for a variety of important physiological functions:

Optimal trace element supply for:   Zinc
Manganese Iron
Immune system X X    
Connective tissue X X X
Barrier function X X X  
Protection against oxidation X
X X  
Proper enzyme functionality X X X
Blood cells       X
Reproductive system X   X  

Benefits of BASF glycinates

  • Very stable, highly available and electrically uncharged trace element compounds
  • They withstand other usual antagonists
  • Due to their small molecular size: easy absorption in the intestine

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Addressing challenges along the feed value chain

The entire value chain from feed to farm faces different challenges regarding the optimal supply of trace elements. The premixer needs an easy processability of in-premix production. The feed miller expects an easy processability during in-feed production as well as high feed quality and stability. And for the farmer counts how digestible and bioavailable the trace elements in his feed are. He cares for animal performance and needs to take the environmental impact of using trace elements into account.

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