September 27, 2021
Food Fortification

BASF at International Vitamin Conference


BASF Human Nutrition was proud to be one of the main sponsors for the International Vitamin Conference held from September 21-23, 2021, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Representing BASF as experts in their field of work were Dr. Ute Obermueller-Jevic, Global Scientific Marketing Lead and Christine Haupt, Global Lead for Food Fortification & Partnerships, both of whom discussed and shared about the functional roles of vitamins and food fortification with approximately 150 international participants at the event.

During the pandemic, consumer interest on supporting immune health has spiked, including the importance of vitamin D in relation to a healthy immune system. At the conference, Dr. Obermueller-Jevic gave an overview of the latest research on how vitamins as key micronutrients, play a role in the immune system function. Linking consumer needs to science-based nutritional solutions, she gave examples on innovative supplement formats targeting immunity, including insights about BASF's collaboration with Temasek Foundation in Singapore. In March 2020 the Temasek Foundation distributed vitamin D to low-income families, the elderly and pregnant women in Singapore to strengthen their immune systems.

Providing the right nutrients to the right people at the right time is the fundamental principle underlying BASF’s food fortification initiative. As global lead for Food Fortification, Haupt drew on her experience to illustrate how Food Fortification is a complementary strategy to tackle micronutrient deficiency in addition to supplementation as a short-term intervention and the diversification of diets as a long-term strategy.

Haupt also went on to explain that Food Fortification does not require a change of eating habits, as vitamins and minerals are added to staple foods consumed daily. Fortification of staple foods with essential vitamins and micronutrients is an important measure to improve micronutrient deficiencies in developing and emerging countries, where malnutrition is considered a severe public health problem. This is also the rationale behind BASF’s partnership approach of food fortification which aims to create shared value for all stakeholders involved and ensure the sustainable success of projects.

Last Update September 27, 2021