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Feed Preservation & Feed Hygiene

Feedstuffs such as cereals, corn, legumes or even compound feeds are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi or yeasts.

If the water content and storage temperature are too high, these microorganisms can multiply explosively. This leads to spoilage of the feed, which can impair the performance of the animals or lead to serious animal diseases. BASF has more than five decades of experience in the preservation of feed and feed ingredients with its organic acids.

Your benefits at a glance

With our feed portfolio we help you to 

  • Reduce the microbial population & improve the hygienic quality of feed
  • Optimize the nutrient content and quality of harvested feed
  • Improve the hygiene of by-products and farm-produced compound feed
  • Particularly recommended when feeding breeding sows and piglets and when used in liquid feeds

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