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Vitamin B5


Owing to its role in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is essential for all major species of livestock and companion animals.

Vitamin B5 deficiency can lead to pathological changes in the skin and mucous membranes, poor feed utilization, diarrhea, and hormonal and nervous disorders. Pigs and poultry are fundamentally dependent on supplementation of their feed with vitamin B5.

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Lutavit® Calpan 98%

  • Excellent product's flowability and mixing behavior
  • Granulated product, which is virtually non-dusting
  • Outstanding solubility properties
  • High purity and stability

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Lutavit® Calpan 98% is essential for all major species of livestock and companion animals.


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Lutavit® Calpan 98 %


Pigs, Poultry, Ruminants, Aquaculture, Pets

25 kg plastic bag

500 kg big plastic bag



The product’s flowability and mixing behavior are excellent and guarantee homogeneous mixing with all types of feed. Lutavit® Calpan 98% is also virtually non-dusting and has outstanding flow and solubility properties.


Lutavit® Calpan 98%

Pigs (per kg complete feed (88% dry matter))
Piglets, prestarter 15-20 mg
Piglets, starter 12-16 mg
Grower 10-14 mg
Finisher 8-12 mg
Breeding sows 12-16 mg
Breeding boars 12-16 mg
Poultry (per kg complete feed (88% dry matter))
Chickens, starter 10-15 mg
Chickens, pullets 8-10 mg
Laying hens 8-10 mg
Breeding hens 10-15 mg
Broilers 10-12 mg
Turkeys, starter 15-20 mg
Turkeys, grower 10-15 mg
Turkeys, finisher 8-12 mg
Turkeys, breeding animals 10-15 mg
Ducks/geese 8-12 mg
Ruminants and horses (per animal and day)
Calves, milk replacers 
(per kg feed)
10-20 mg
(per 100 kg live weight per day)
8-10 mg
Saddle horses
(per 100 kg live weight per day)
6-8 mg
Racing horses and breeding horses
(per 100 kg live weight per day)
10-12 mg
Pets and fish (per kg complete feed (88% dry matter))
Dogs 8-10 mg
Cats 10-14 mg
Rabbits 10-14 mg
Minks 10-14 mg
Cold water fish 40-50 mg
Warm water fish 30-40 mg
Shrimps 100-150 mg


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