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Far more than being just a digestive organ, the gut is key to every aspect of animal health, wellbeing and performance.

Monoglycerides are proven to play a vital role in this: by restoring gut integrity, supporting beneficial bacteria and the animal’s own immune defense system. All this without excessive use of antibiotics. Thus, monoglycerides like BalanGut® can help you create feed that delivers for the animals, your business and your customers, while meeting the demands of the market and consumers. Sustainable feed that succeeds.

Antibiotics are used abundantly as an insurance for multifactorial diseases in animal production


There are too many factors that can affect the health of the animals.

Thus, producers use antibiotics as an insurance to ensure optimal zoo technical performance.

Abundant use of antibiotics has a negative impact on the gut microbiome of the animal and increases antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in humans and animals

BalanGut® benefits at a glance

  • Modulates the microbiome
  • Favors gut integrity
  • Supports health and vitality

Our monoglycerides portfolio

Your questions – our answers

BalanGut® LS is our solution for poultry and swine.

BalanGut® AQ is our solution for fish and crustaceans.


Balangut® contains butyric, caprylic and capric acid monoglycerides, which have active impacts on the gut, resulting in:

  • Cell proliferation and epithelium renewal
  • Positive effects on tight junctions
  • Promotion of peptide secretion
  • A balanced enteric microbial population

BalanGut® LS's main active ingredients of monoglycerides of butyric, caprylic and capric organic acids are delivered via feed and are active throughout the small and large intestine.


Mono-, di- and triglycerides of butyric,
caprylic and capric acid

Both, BalanGut® LS and BalanGut® AQ are available as powder and liquid.



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