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Vitamin D3: An essential micronutrient for healthy bones

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is an essential micronutrient found only in a few foods. The best dietary sources are fatty fish and liver, while small amounts are contained in meat, dairy and eggs. Dietary intake of vitamin D3 is crucial to health and well-being, when the production of vitamin D3 in skin is insufficient. This can occur when sun exposure is lacking for people with indoor lifestyles, sun avoiders, after application of ultraviolet (UV) protection or during winter time in countries mainly of the Northern hemisphere. In addition, the skin’s ability to produce sufficient amounts of vitamin D3 naturally declines with age.

Many people around the world have a low vitamin D3 status, independent of their dietary habits. Vitamin D3 is required in order to keep calcium levels in the blood healthy (homeostasis) and for normal development of the skeleton. Besides being the “bone health” vitamin, vitamin D3 is important for immune function, neuromuscular function, and more.

Greater urgency on health optimization in recent years has resulted in consumers taking a proactive approach to health. Consumers like tried and trusted ingredients which resulted in an increased interest in vitamins in recent years. BASF’s vitamin D3 portfolio delivers consistent quality across a wide variety of applications, letting customers offer attractive consumer products.

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What makes BASF’s vitamin D3 an excellent choice for your products and applications?

  • World-class production

    • Production sites in Germany and Denmark to ensure high supply reliability
    • Stringent manufacturing standards deliver excellent product quality
  • Versatile applications

    • Portfolio comprising beadlets and an oil formulation
    • Excellent stability in functional nutrition (including food fortification), dietary supplements and premix applications
  • High-quality formulations

    • Strong expertise in beadlet technology
    • Beadlets exhibit superior flowability and dispersibility, low dustiness combined with excellent stability in bulk and tested applications

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BASF’s vitamin D3 is suitable for both food & beverage and dietary supplement applications

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