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Vitamin B12: An essential micronutrient for healthy nervous system function

Vitamin B12 ­(cobalamin) is an essential micronutrient, which is naturally found in foods of animal origin such as meat, fish,­dairy products and eggs. Plant-based diets are usually low in vitamin B12­ content unless they are fortified. In the human body, vitamin B12 is a cofactor for enzymes that are involved in the metabolism of cells.

In this way, vitamin B12 is required for a healthy central nervous system function and red blood cell formation as well as synthesis of DNA. Population groups at risk of inadequate vitamin B12 intake are, for example, elderly people, vegetarians, vegans as well as infants of vegan women who are exclusively breastfed.

BASF provides high-quality, fermentation-based vitamin B12 for supplements and fortified foods. Our vitamin B12 enables production and technical excellence thereby delivering consistent quality for the product to be applied in manifold applications.

Sources: NIH Fact Sheets for Health Professionals and Consumers, Vitamin B12 (September 2023).

What makes BASF’s vitamin B12 an excellent choice for your products and applications?

  • World-class production

    • Extensive production capabilities and outstanding reputation in spray-drying technologies
    • Food & beverage and dietary supplement-grade powders available
    • Production site in Ballerup, Denmark, ensures excellent product quality of spray-dried powders from crystalline raw material
  • Versatile applications

    • 0.1% and 1.0% concentrations are available to match market demands
    • Both the dietary supplements and food & beverage grades are produced from vitamin B12 originating from a single fermentation strain
  • High-quality raw materials

    • Long-term expertise in powder formulations
    • All vitamin B12 formulations exhibit superior stability
    • High-purity products

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BASF’s vitamin B12 is suitable for both food & beverage and dietary supplement applications

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