Human Nutrition

Vitamin A: An essential micronutrient for healthy vision

Vitamin A (retinol) is an essential micronutrient, which is naturally found in foods of animal origin such as liver, meat, fish, eggs and dairy products or as its carotenoid precursors in plant foods. In humans, vitamin A is required for light perception and normal vision. It is a component of the rhodopsin receptor in the eyes, which is responsible for sensing light in poorly illuminated situations. Moreover, vitamin A contributes to the healthy maintenance of organs such as eyes, heart and lungs and plays a role in the immune system. It contributes to healthy reproduction, growth and development.

Obtaining sufficient amounts of vitamin A from the diet is a public health problem in more than 50% of countries worldwide, particularly in Africa and Asia. Young children and pregnant and lactating women are most vulnerable to insufficient intake of vitamin A.

BASF's comprehensive vitamin A portfolio is suitable for multiple types of applications such as oil, supplements, foods and beverages.

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What makes BASF’s vitamin A an excellent choice for your products and applications?

  • World-class production

    • BASF is backward integrated, ensuring consistent supply of vitamin A products
    • Manufacturing sites in Denmark and Germany produce according to high quality standards
  • Versatile applications

    • Comprehensive portfolio of oils and powders
    • All our vitamin A powders use beadlet technology, exhibiting high stability in standard package and all tested applications
    • Safe and easy handling
  • Food fortification partner

    • Technical expertise and application know-how with in-country production and analytical support
    • Strong food fortification footprint with 20 years of experience in over 40 countries

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