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BASF's Natuphos® E – the new era of phytase

The new phytase Natuphos® E unlocks vital nutrients with an unprecedented overall stability resulting in convincing economic and environmental benefits

The phytase pioneer, BASF, is again setting a benchmark in animal nutrition with its new generation phytase. Natuphos® E provides exactly what users in the feed industry want: The new phytase demonstrates unprecedented overall stability in challenging environments – be it in the animal gut, in premixes, base-mixes, in feed or during pelleting processes.


  • The efficient phosphorus, energy and amino acid release provides tangible benefits – for our customers as well as the environment
  • Natuphos® E promotes the vital growth of pigs and poultry and sets new standards for more sustainable livestock production
  • Natuphos® E is characterised by an unprecedented overall stability
  • Our high quality phytase product Natuphos® E is complemented with services and our application expertise

Suitable formulations for all applications

Natuphos® E is available in powder, liquid, and granulate form. These formulations cover all usual areas of feed application.

Granulates: Extraordinary pelleting stability

Our Natuphos® E granulates are virtually dust-free with a narrow particle size distribution. A homogeneous distribution in feeding stuffs can be obtained using standard mixing procedures. The granulate formulations exhibit a superior stability and are recommended for pelleted feed up to 95˚ C pelleting temperature.

Liquids: Ideal for post-pelleting application

The liquid Natuphos® E formulations are clear fluids without any turbidities or suspending particles. This ensures an optimal application by post-pelleting systems onto the cooled pellets since the outstanding product quality prevents nozzle blocking at the highest level possible.

Powders: High pelleting and premix stability

The free-flowing powders are beige to light brown in color. The uncoated powder formulations can be used for pelleting temperatures up to 80ºC, and are predominantly recommended for all mash feeds.

Readily mixable with other enzymes like Natugrain® TS

All Natuphos® E formulations can be readily mixed with BASF's non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes. Our unique 3-in-1 combination products Natuphos® E 5000 Combi L and Natuphos® E 5000 Combi G consist of a mixture of Natuphos® E and Natugrain® TS and facilitate stock management and application by enabling you to use one additive instead of two at the inclusion level of only one.

Disclaimer: National regulations may vary and need to be considered prior to product use.

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