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Lucantin® CX 10% NXT


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Poultry cannot produce carotenoids on their own, which is why the color of egg yolks depends on the carotenoids combination in their diets. Dark red pigmentation can be achieved with Citranaxanthin, the active ingredient in Lucantin® CX 10% NXT. The required dosage depends on the xanthophyll content of the ration.

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BASF’s feed additives help poultry, such as laying hens and broilers, to make better use of the energy in their feed. It also gives eggs their appealing yellow-orange yolks. 


Lucantin® CX 10% NXT is offered as beadlet.


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Lucantin® CX 10% NXT Beadlet Poultry
10% citranaxanthin 25 kg bag in box 50580371

Citranaxantin is a red pigment used exclusively in poultry feeds to impart red color to egg yolks. In combination with yellow carotenoids, citrana­xanthin intensifies the pigmentation and imparts the desired golden­yellow color. Citranaxanthin has been applied in this field for many decades. In comparison with canthaxanthin, a constant action ratio of 1.5:1 is achieved over the entire range.


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