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Proven and effective feed enzymes for the animal nutrition industry

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In challenging times for the animal feed industry, we want to help you and your customers improve nutrition and reduce waste with our feed enzymes.

We know that up to 70% of the cost of animal production is in feed, yet around 30% of nutrients go undigested. Our enzymes are a proven solution that helps make more from less. We introduced them into animal feed for the first time ever over 30 years ago and we’ve been innovating and refining them ever since.

With our enzymes, you can produce feed that animals can digest far more easily, releasing and utilizing nutrients more efficiently, and mitigating naturally occurring antinutritional factors. They provide animals sustainably with more energy, amino acids, minerals, and trace elements. Not only by enhancing nutrient digestion and reducing the quantities of raw materials required, but also by promoting animal vitality by helping balance intestinal microbial populations for a pre-biotic effect.

Enzymes from BASF help animals make the most of feed, and help both you and your customers make more from less: The science of sustainable feed that succeeds.

BASF's feed enzymes have proven highly effective by

  • contributing to more sustainable animal protein production 
  • improving nutrient utilization in feed, 
  • saving raw material resources
  • reducing eutrophication by less excretion of phosphorous trough phytase
  • help to attenuate the negative cost impact of high feed prices and to reduce the consumption of valuable resources like inorganic phosphates
More than 35 Years Pioneering Expertise BASF Enzymes

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More than 30 years ago, BASF developed enzymes for animal nutrition and, for the first time ever, introduced them into practical feed solutions for pigs, poultry and aquaculture. As feed enzymes pioneers, we’ve been innovating and refining them ever since.

BASF Enzymes specializes in research and development to produce high performance enzymes for animal nutrition and other industrial applications in our dedicated enzyme research facility in San Diego, California. Here we harness an enzyme discovery platform that allows us unprecedented access to the diversity of enzymes found in nature.

After identifying enzymes with the desired beneficial properties, our proprietary protein evolution technologies enable us to customize a range of highly differentiated enzyme products to address specific market needs.

Enzymes from BASF help animals make the most of feed, and help both you and your customers make more from less.

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Icons: Animal feed solution for Pig, Poultry, Fish

We offer all enzymes as powder and liquid; Natuphos® E is additionally available as granulate. 

Icon animal feed additives in oil, liquid, powder or granulate form

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