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Lucantin® Red 10% NXT

Icons: Animal feed solution for Poultry, Fish, Crustaceans

Everybody's favorite color for everybody's favorite food.

Everyone who cares about food should care about its color. Color is more than just good looks; it is important for taste, for appeal, and for perceived quality of food. We try to help you to create more value from fewer resources. That is why carotenoids play such an important part in our work. The color of egg yolks, broiler skin, salmonids or shrimp determines how much a farmer will receive for his efforts.

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  • Highly efficient and cost-effective
  • High bioavailability
  • Outstanding stability during storage and feed production
  • Color can be adjusted to meet your expectations

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Canthaxanthin is widely used as a feed additive for pigmentation of egg yolks and broiler skin. In poultry, canthaxanthin is used to impart a red color tone to egg yolks and broiler skin. It is used in combination with yellow carotenoids to intensify the pigmentation and to achieve the desired golden­ yellow color.

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The conventional way to more pigmented broiler skin is via feed. Compared to natural alternatives (e.g. alfalfa, Lutein), Lucantin proved to be more reliable and easier to dose. This helps farmers consistently achieve the results they are aiming for. Our products are also often used in fish ponds and in marine aquacultures. Not only do they bind toxins in feed and ensure excellent performance through rapid growth, they also provide fish and shellfish with all the important vitamins. Lucantin® & Lucarotin®, for example, gives trout and salmon delicate pink flesh and provides the skin of shellfish with a beautiful, vivid color.

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Lucantin® Red is offered as beadlet.

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Lucantin® Red 10% NXT Beadlet Aquaculture, Poultry  10% canthaxanthin

4 x 5 kg bag in box

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Fish, like salmon, trout and crustaceans, for example, use red carotenoid pigments for camouflage and communication. Together with Lucantin® Pink and Lucarotin® 10% Feed NXT, Lucantin® Red are the most efficient ways to achieve perfect pigmentation in aquaculture.

Additionally, depending on a range of influences such as the carotenoid content in the diet, you can get your desired color of egg yolk and meet the market demands. You can rely on  Lucantin® Yellow 10% NXT, Lucantin® Red 10% NXT and Lucantin® CX 10% NXT for precise results.

Icons: Animal feed solution for Poultry, Fish, Crustaceans

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