Human Nutrition

BASF Nutrition Asia Research Grant

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the 2020 BASF Nutrition Asia Research Grant program has been delayed.

We are closely monitoring the development the situation, and expect to share the outcome of our research selections and details of the awards event in the third quarter of 2020. Thank you for your understanding.

BASF established the grant program as a science-based platform to advance scientific research in the most pressing and relevant health and nutritional concerns for consumers in Asia-Pacific.

Launched in 2012, this program sees grants awarded to researchers in the region to study nutritional topics relevant for Asian-Pacific demographics and diets. With open innovation at its core, this strategic platform is also a collaboration between BASF, academics as well as food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers.

Each year, research proposals are peer reviewed and selected by the grant expert panel which includes eminent academics and key opinion leaders in human nutrition. Winners will each receive up to 40,000 Euros in equivalent local currency and will have 18 months to conduct their research.


Research Focus

BASF is calling for research proposals in three health areas - immunity support, cardio-metabolic health, and physical function and mobility.

In this edition, special emphasis is given to the biological functions of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) on immunity and metabolic health. Out of the five grants, two grants will be awarded to projects investigating the role of HMOs in human health.

Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) are a group of complex carbohydrates, representing the third largest solid component naturally occurring in human milk. 2’-Fucosyllactose (2’-FL) is the most abundant of about 130 molecules that have been identified to-date with the beneficial effects of 2’-FL in breast milk documented since the early 2000s. While there are encouraging results from clinical and experimental studies, HMO research is still in its infancy. To drive the scientific basis and unlock new benefits of HMOs across all life stages, we look to award two out of the five grants towards research in this field.  

Interested researchers can participate in the grant by doing the following:

Step 1: Select one of three health areas


e.g. modulation of intestinal and systemic immune system, gut disorders (IBS, IBD, etc), inflammation, eczema and allergies.


e.g. blood pressure management, vascular health, endothelial function, triglyceride lowering, obesity, glycemic control, appetite control


e.g. sports nutrition, physical mobility in the elderly, body composition, sports recovery, bone joint or/and muscle health, other suggestions

Step 2: Select a BASF functional health ingredient

  • Human milk oligosaccharides
  • Bioactive peptides
  • Plant sterols
  • Conjugated linoleic acid
  • Algal beta-carotene

Step 3 (Optional): Suggest other bio-actives or nutrients in combination with selected BASF functional health ingredient  

Step 4: Complete the official grant application form and submit it at