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BASF is among the leading suppliers of plant sterols and their esters. We offer a premium product range of phytosterols which are used in several dietary supplements and food applications. Plant sterols are an effective, naturally sourced alternative for cholesterol management and overall heart health.

Source of plant sterols

Plant sterols are natural fat components of all plants including oil seeds, grains, nuts, legumes, vegetables and fruit seeds or are contained in food such as margarine fortified with plant sterols.

Benefits of Vegapure® Plant Sterols

  • Vegapure® is made from natural, renewable, plant-based material; is scientifically supported and regulatory-compliant in the major markets.
  • We offer the broadest range of delivery forms for premium sterols and sterol esters with superior sensory profiles for dairy, oil and fat applications.
  • We provide excellent customer support in scientific, regulatory, and formulation matters.

What makes BASF’s Vegapure® unique?

We have a long history in the human nutrition industry with exceptional experience in producing, handling, and applying plant sterols to many product forms. With our long-standing, robust experience and leadership in supply management of plant sterol and sterol esters, we have developed a premium and widely accepted range of products that customers and consumers can rely on.

All our Vegapure® plant sterols have an excellent sensory profile and are vegetarian, kosher, halal, gluten-free, and BSE/TSE free. With our various product forms and concentrations of Vegapure®, we provide the broadest product range in the market and support flexible applications. Our products are water and oil-dispersible and suitable for a wide range of dietary supplement, beverage and food applications.

By helping our partners choose the ideal product for their desired application and assisting them in bringing the product to the market, we help our customers create an effective ingredient in a finished product.

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