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High performance enzymes for the Food & Beverage industry

Improving nutrition and ensuring the supply of affordable and healthy food to our global community are among the biggest challenges facing modern society. 

Food suppliers have to juggle ever-changing requirements and customer expectations in tackling that challenge. Nutrilfe® enzymes are our answer to the increasing demands placed on the Food & Beverage industry.

As biotechnology's solution to many industrial and environmental challenges, enzymes help boost productivity while improving the sustainability footprint and ensuring consistent product quality. Nutrilife® lets food suppliers produce affordable, healthy and appealing food and beverage products while contributing to more efficient use of resources. 

What we offer:

  • Extensive experience in the Food & Beverage industry.
  • Enzyme solutions that help our customers tackle the current and future challenges of food and meet the requirements of ever-evolving nutritional lifestyles.
  • Clear focus on sustainability – we help our customers maximize efficiency while improving environmental performance.
  • The opportunity to pick and choose a customized package of products and services meeting our customers' individual needs.
  • Technical application services and product solutions as well as tailor-made training in our application labs.

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Nutrilife® covers your needs across a variety of processes and products.

We also offer customized blends on request – please contact us for further information!

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What makes BASF's Nutrilife® unique?


We are a part of the 150-year tradition of innovation at BASF. Our long years of experience in the Food and Beverage industry combined with our expertise in enzymes assures consistently high quality products. Our experts support our customers from consultation to implementation so that they can react quickly to changes in the market. Our application labs around the world combine our global expert knowledge with a deep understanding of local needs, preferences and habits. We support our customers and partners with a tailor-made product package complemented by technical application services suited to fulfill their individual needs.

How baking enzymes improve 

sustainability along the 

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