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LycoVit® is a carotenoid used in several dietary supplement, beverage and food applications. Color is often the first sensory interaction a consumer has with a product, prior to tasting or smelling it. LycoVit® helps to create an alluring, visually appetizing product with a red hue.

Source of lycopene - LycoVit®

Lycopene is most commonly found in tomatoes. Very good sources are products that contain tomatoes in concentrated form such as tomato puree, sauce or juice. Other good dietary sources of lycopene are guava, watermelon, papaya and pink grapefruit.

Benefits of BASF's LycoVit®

  • We provide a premium range of nature-identical carotenoids with excellent stability in bulk and final application; products which are stable in heat, light, and oxygen exposure.
  • Our LycoVit® product range is an effective alternative to artificial dyes and provides a bright and vivid red hue for attractive applications.
  • We support our customers and partners with technical application services and development as well as tailor-made trainings in our globally-linked Human Nutrition labs around the world.

What makes BASF’s LycoVit® unique?

With more than 150 years’ experience, BASF is one of the leading suppliers in the human nutrition industry and provides a broad product portfolio of health and performance ingredients as well as colorants.

We help our customers produce food and beverages without artificial colors, but with the same stability and appetizing appearance, while also delivering on pure taste. LycoVit® adds brilliance and vibrancy to beverages and food without the warning label - it is a safe, highly effective substitute for azo dyes (also known as artificial colors). LycoVit® is also the ideal alternative for natural lycopene from tomatoes since it offers a superior cost-benefit-ratio.

We offer allergen-free, vegetarian, vegan, cold-water dispersible and direct compressible LycoVit® products to accommodate your health, lifestyle, and application criteria.

BASF has over 30 years of experience in producing carotenoids for food, beverage and dietary supplement applications. We provide our customers with product expertise, flexible application, high standards of safety, and a dependable supply. 

BASF’s carotenoids serve as nutritionally valuable colorants for all different kinds of fat-based and water-based foods. Easy-to-use powders and dispersions are available to meet your needs, as well as vegetarian, allergen-free formulations to reliably match consumer preferences. 

Our ingredients remain stable during food production and storage. We provide reliable and stable color hues between yellow, orange and red as well as support on color matching. Our technical service goes beyond knowledge of ingredients all the way to application expertise. This track record provides customers with ease-of-use from order through to application.

Disclaimer: The data contained in this publication are based on our current knowledge and experience. In view of the many factors that may affect processing and application of our product, these data do not relieve processors from carrying out their own investigations and tests; neither do these data imply any guarantee of certain properties, nor the suitability of the product for a specific purpose. Any descriptions, drawings, photographs, data, proportions, weights, etc. given herein may change without prior information and do not constitute the agreed contractual quality of the product. It is the responsibility of the recipient of our products to ensure that any proprietary rights and existing laws and legislations are observed.

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