Human Nutrition
Human Nutrition

Ammonium Chloride Food Grade

From licorice and salmiac pastilles to chewing gum – ammonium chloride by BASF serves as excellent flavor-agent. As a matter of course, only purest ingredients might be used for delicious sweets. Hence, ammonium chloride by BASF always meets highest quality and purity standards – best choice for persons with a sweet tooth.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Excellent customer service and delivery reliability
  • Product safety thanks to outstanding standards regarding pureness
  • Constantly high BASF quality
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Product range: Ammonium chloride RWS food grade - Ammonium chloride S food/pharma grade

Did you know […]?

[…] the secret of the “licorice equator”? As the German newspaper “Die Welt” discovered in 2007, licorice is rarely consumed in the south of Europe – whereas people in the north appreciate it very much. Furthermore, the licorice consumed in the south is rather smooth and sweet, while in the north, it gets more and more bitter and salty.

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