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Ice Cream

Artisan Ice Cream - Gelato

Artisan ice cream is a creamy and refreshing temptation – especially in summer time. Achieving a soft but slow melting texture, superior creaminess and great melting properties are the main challenges in artisan ice cream production.

Artisan and soft ice cream is served in ice cream shops all around the world. It comes in hundreds of different flavors, even increasingly popular savory ones. Superior creaminess, melting properties and melting resistance are important characteristics for all of them.

Our Lamequick® range of premium whipping agents provides fine air bubble distribution, preventing the formation of undesirable ice crystals within the ice cream. Moreover, Lamequick® gives the ice cream creamy melting properties, a smooth and soft texture and superior mouth feel. It combines optimum aeration with excellent melting resistance, enabling consistent and reliable ice cream quality.

Our premium portfolio of whipping agents includes more than 20 different types to match regional preferences such as special melting properties and production processes. Especially suitable for clean label ice cream is our Spongolit® Pure 10, creating delicious creamy ice cream.


  • We have more than 150 years experience in the human nutrition industry and have developed a broad portfolio of food performance ingredients for artisan ice cream, soft serve and all kinds of frozen desserts.
  • We extend our portfolio with forward-looking products, formulations and concepts based on global trends and regional specifications.
  • We support our customers and partners with technical application services and product developments as well as tailor-made training in our eight globally linked Application Labs.

The convenient instant powder mixtures are simply mixed with milk or water and frozen in common artisanal ice cream machines – without any additional heat treatment.

Next to artisanal ice cream, our Lamequick® range also perfectly suits slushed ice cream, homemade ice cream and frozen dessert applications, resulting in soft, creamy and slow melting textures.

Disclaimer: Specific regulations in the respective countries on the ingredients used, for the intended use and claims made on the final product have to be observed.