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Cakes with a Perfect Appearance and Delicious Taste

Cakes have a long tradition as a sweet temptation. In addition to numerous local specialties, some formulations are popular all over the world. With more than 150 years experience in the food industry we are among the key partners for cake-mix producers and cake manufacturers.

We offer food performance ingredients for cake applications such as aerating emulsifiers (Spongolit®) and Nutrifsoft®, a single emulsifier, to generate an excellent cake structure and appearance.

Exceptional volume, superior batter stability, perfect color, excellent texture, optimal crumb moistness and long shelf-life – cake manufacturers use our solutions to improve their products at all levels.

Spongolit® is a premium range of aerating emulsifiers with proven performance in all types of cakes such as sponge cakes, pound cakes, swiss rolls, muffins and household mixes. All Spongolit® types improve batter density, viscosity, crumb texture and structure as well as cake volume. Spongolit® makes it possible to use an all-in method and ensures safe, easy processing.


  • We have more than 150 years experience and are one of the leading suppliers of food performance ingredients such as aerating emulsifiers for cake-mix producers and cake manufacturers.
  • We developed a premium product range of aerating emulsifiers for all kinds of cake mixes.
  • We extend our broad portfolio with forward-looking products, formulations and concepts based on global trends and regional specifications.
  • We meet the highest regulatory and quality requirements with our products.
  • We support our customers and partners with technical application services and product developments as well as tailor-made training in our eight globally linked Application Labs.

Disclaimer: Specific regulations in the respective countries on the ingredients used, for the intended use and claims made on the final product have to be observed.