Human Nutrition

Plant-Based Support for Heart Health:
Plant Sterols in focus

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Globally, consumers are focused more than ever on proactively supporting their overall health status and this holds true for the EMEA region as well. This increased awareness is prominently seen in several health concerns, including heart health. Health-conscious consumers value the benefits of functional foods and increasing numbers are gravitating towards plant-based products. This creates opportunities for players in the field of nutrition in the health market to create innovative offerings with scientifically substantiated ingredients.

Why choose plant sterols to support your heart health portfolio?

  • One of the most clinically substantiated plant-based ingredients to support healthy levels of blood cholesterol
  • Backed by authorized health claims in several countries
  • Highly versatile in a wide range of functional nutrition and dietary supplement applications

Join this webinar to discuss with the BASF team of experts on the latest developments in the field of heart health and learn how you can incorporate plant sterols in your next innovations!