Human Nutrition

Webinar: Natural Carotenoids for Health & Well-being in the New Normal

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Explore the differentiating opportunities carotenoids can offer with benefits matching the needs of today’s consumers, in the areas of exhaustion, immune fitness and metabolic health.

The pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the lives of consumers and our economies. Consumers are adapting and looking for new solutions to support a healthy lifestyle. A strong immune system remains paramount but new lifestyle patterns - due to, for example, the closure of sporting facilities, the home office situation, homeschooling etc. is leading to more sedentary times - pushing other health concerns to the forefront.

What you will learn about

  • Insights on the important shift in consumer health concerns, pre & post-COVID 
  • Carotenoids and why are they are so important to overall health & well-being 
  • The multi-faceted benefits of naturally sourced beta-carotene and lutein in supporting the consumer health focus areas of exhaustion, immune fitness & metabolic health 
  • Relevant application concepts & ideas using our high quality & naturally sourced ingredients
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