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Water-based Liquids

Our Solutions for Water-Based Liquids

Water-based liquids are very popular with consumers, since they offer a very comfortable way to take a sufficient amount of nutrients. We offer our customers multiple high-quality health ingredients for this dosage form that are developed on the most solid scientific foundations.

Water-based liquids are commonly designed as Ready-To-Drink (RTD) dietary supplements and are always ready for consumption. They come in a pocket-sized format and have the advantage that they can easily be stored in desk drawers at work or can be taken on the go.

Moreover, water-based liquids are offered in numerous different types – e.g. they can be found as tonics, drops or nutritive drinks. Which type is best suited for consumers to receive the right amount of nutrients depends on the desired effect of the supplement.

Our health ingredients which are used in water-based liquids show long-term colloidal stability as well as superior dispersibility, homogeneity and stability.

We offer various vitamins for water-based liquid dietary supplements, such as vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin B­12, vitamin D3, vitamin E and vitamin K1. In addition, we offer carotenoids (e.g. Lucarotin®), LycoVit® nature-identical lycopene, and Vegapure® plant sterols.


  • We are the key industry partner to the dietary supplements industry with more than 150 years of experience.
  • We offer a highly relevant and wide portfolio which meets the highest regulatory and quality requirements, suitable for manufacturing several types of dietary supplements.
  • We develop and regionalize science-based health platforms and product formats.
  • We support our customers and partners with technical application service and development as well as tailor-made trainings in our globally linked Human Nutrition labs around the world.
  • We are the only supplier in the market with products, industry experience and consumer solutions in the dietary supplements and pharma market.

Disclaimer: Specific regulations in the respective countries on the ingredients used, for the intended use and claims made on the final product have to be observed.

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