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Our Health Ingredients for Several Types of Liquids

Liquids are among the world’s top five product formats for dietary supplements. We offer a variety of nutrients that can be applied to oil-based liquids, water-based liquids, nutritive drinks, tonics, syrups, shots and drops.

Liquid dietary supplements are a convenient alternative for consumers who have difficulties swallowing tablets or capsules (dysphagia). This mainly concerns children and elderly people. Therefore, it is very important that these liquids have a pleasant taste or can be added to drinks such as juices or solid food such as cereals. Moreover, consumers with sensitive or irritable digestive systems use liquids as an alternative to solid dosage forms, which means they should be gastro-resistant.

Liquid dietary supplements have various advantages compared to solid ones. For instance, they offer a lot of flexibility in dosing. Additionally, they do not remain in the digestive system as long as solid product formats due to easier absorption. This makes them the ideal application format for nutrients that need to be quickly absorbed by the body.

Our health ingredients used in liquids show long-term colloidal stability as well as superior dispersibility, mix-ability, homogeneity and bulk stability. We offer various vitamins for liquid dietary supplements, such as vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin B­12, vitamin D3, vitamin E and vitamin K1. In addition, we offer carotenoids (e. g. Lucarotin®), LycoVit® nature-identical lycopene, and Xangold® natural lutein esters. We also provide the omega-3 fatty acid Omega Oil TG Gold, Tonalin® CLA, and Vegapure® plant sterols for use in liquids.


  • We are the key industry partner to the dietary supplements industry with more than 150 years of experience.
  • We offer a highly relevant and wide portfolio which meets the highest regulatory and quality requirements, suitable for manufacturing several types of dietary supplements.
  • We develop and regionalize science-based health platforms and product formats.
  • We support our customers and partners with technical application service and development as well as tailor-made trainings in our globally linked Human Nutrition Labs around the world.
  • We are the only supplier in the market with products, industry experience and consumer solutions in the dietary supplements and pharma market.

Disclaimer: Specific regulations in the respective countries on the ingredients used, for the intended use and claims made on the final product have to be observed.

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