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Meet the Unique Health Prevention Needs based on Costumers’ Individual Lifestyle.

Our high-quality health ingredients are based on the most solid scientific foundations. They can be used in a broad range of application forms and support our customers in meeting the diverse nutritional and lifestyle needs of consumers, helping people live long, healthy and active lives.  

As a key industry partner to the dietary supplements industry, we know that “dosage form”, “size” and “promoting a healthy lifestyle” are decisive reasons for consumers to purchase a dietary supplement product. Therefore, our products are suitable for a variety of applications, including tablets, soft gelatin capsules, gels, bars, liquids and powders and granules.

BASF is the only supplier in the market with products, industry experience and consumer solutions in the dietary supplements and pharma market. This enables us to support our customers with our extensive knowledge of nutrients and excipients in the best way possible. We offer vitamins, carotenoids, omega-3 fatty acids like Pronova Pure® and Vegapure® phytosterols as well as Tonalin® CLA conjugated linoleic acids to our customers in the dietary supplements market.


  • We are a key industry partner to the dietary supplements industry with more than 150 years of experience.
  • We offer a highly relevant and wide portfolio, suitable for manufacturing all types of dietary supplements, along with long-term experience in regionalizing end-products.
  • We develop science-based health platforms and product formats.
  • We meet the highest regulatory and quality requirements & recipes are continually developed and improved.
  • We are the only supplier in the market with a unique history of longstanding food and pharma regulatory expertise, making us a strong partner in the value chain.
  • We support our customers and partners with technical application service and development as well as tailor-made training in our Human Nutrition labs.

Our oily-grade and powder-grade products can be used in all applications, for example multivitamins, single and mixed-component tablets, hard and soft capsules, as well as liquid-type supplements and novel types of supplements such as sachets, orally disintegrating tablets (OTC) and seamless capsules. Our direct compressible vitamin powders offer excellent properties for use in the tableting process: high flowability, low dusting, proper bulk density, excellent compressibility, density, mixability, adhesive properties and quick dintegration of active ingredients.

With more than 150 years of experience in the dietary supplements industry, our Human Nutrition experts help our customers bring new dietary supplements to market and meet the unique needs of end-consumers. Our Human Nutrition labs support our customers and partners with application and market know-how. In addition, BASF’s pharma excipients complete the one-stop solution for producing various types of dietary supplements. They are used as disintegrants, solubilizers, stabilizers, lubricants, fillers, binders and coating materials.

Disclaimer: Specific regulations in the respective countries on the ingredients used, for the intended use and claims made on the final product have to be observed.

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