Human Nutrition

Juices, Nectars and Syrups

Creating Beverages with an Appealing Appearance and Additional Health Properties

As a partner to the beverage industry worldwide, we offer our customers a wide range of scientifically proven high quality ingredients for the fortification of juices, nectars, and syrups. We have extensive knowledge about the performance and stability of (pro-) vitamins as well as other health ingredients.

While nectars are fruit juices diluted with water and with added sugar, juices consist of 100% fruit juice. In contrast to nectars and juices, syrups are viscous sugar solutions made by dissolving sugar in e.g. water or fruit juices.

To consumers it’s not only important that these beverages taste great, ideally they should also come with additional health properties. Whereas juices and nectars are only allowed to be fortified with vitamins, syrups can additionally be enriched with further ingredients.

We provide vitamins used in the fortification of all of these application forms. For instance, we offer the water-soluble vitamins B2, Band B12 as well as the formulated oil-soluble vitamins E and D3 and K1.


  • Key industry partner to the beverage industry with more than 150 years experience
  • Wide range of health and performance products for the beverage industry
  • Years of expertise in developing beverages with optimal color and vitamin content in terms of vitamin stability
  • Application support for juices, nectars and syrups
  • Globally linked applications labs around the world
  • Long-term experience in regionalizing end-products

Moreover, our customers can add ß-carotenes (e.g. Lucarotin®) to juices, nectars and syrups, since they have a provitamin A activity. An additional benefit of ß-carotene is the brilliant color that it gives to beverages ranging from yellow over orange to orange-red.

Since vitamin E, vitamin D3 and Lucarotin® formulations are dispersible in cold water, no heating step is necessary during processing. This helps our customers save on production costs. Syrups can additionally be enriched with Xangold® natural lutein esters and LycoVit® nature-identical lycopene.

Disclaimer: Specific regulations in the respective countries on the ingredients used, for the intended use and claims made on the final product have to be observed.

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