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Environmental impact as a third pillar in feed formulation

Opteinics™ is a digital solution that offers dynamic environmental footprinting of feed and animal protein. Identify opportunities for improvement, without compromising cost and nutrition. With its direct data link to feed formulation software, time and resources invested are kept to a minimum. 


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Your benefits at a glance

Innovate and differentiate your portfolio

Deliver on your sustainability strategy goals with tangible insights for innovation. Back up sustainability claims (e.g. CO2 footprint labeling) to stand out from competition.

Get credible data for your sustainability reporting

No need for in-depth sustainability or LCA expertise. Simple software at the nutritionist’s or other user’s fingertips.

Share insights with your value chain stakeholders

High quality data on your environmental impact to share with retailers and consumers. Prepare proactively for regulatory changes, such as the European Green Deal.

Consider environmental impact when designing feed

How it works


Icon: Minimum time & resource investment

Minimum time and resource investment

Avoid time and resource consuming data input.

No sustainability expertise required

Icon: Integrated to feed formulation software

Integrated to feed formulation software

Modify formulations and analyze the resulting environmental impact changes within seconds.

Icon: High quality databases and standards

High quality databases and standards

Model in accordance to ISO, FAO LEAP and PEFCR standards.

State-of-the-art environmental impact databases.

Undergoing third-party verification.

Who can use Opteinics™? What is the scope?

Feedmillers, large cooperatives, animal producers / farmers, integrators, farm consultants /advisors can use Opteinics


Opteinics™ enables you to understand and reduce your environmental impact, from feed to animal protein

Which animal proteins does Opteinics™ cover?






Ruminants & Dairy

Beef and dairy    
(coming soon)    


(coming soon)


(coming soon)

Why did BASF develop Opteinics™?

  • BASF Animal nutrition has been a pioneer in LCA and sustainability assessments since 1996.
  • We believe the industry is at a tipping point, as the pressure is greater than ever from consumers, retailers, investors and policy makers.
  • To support the transformation we built a digital scalable solution that anyone in the feed or animal protein industry can use to understand and reduce their environmental impact.
  • Opteinics™ is neutral, reliable and uses globally accepted databases and methodologies.
Clear global leader in value chain life cycle sustainability; BASF first to market globally with eco-efficiency analysis in 1996; Many hundreds of eco-efficiency and LCA studies completed by BASF; Global partnerships in animal nutrition & livestock sectors

Our vision: an animal protein digital ecosystem

  • In the future, the animal protein industry is dependent on a deep and transparent collaboration to comply with market and regulatory demands.
  • This collaboration will foster a digital integration of the value chain for farm-to-fork transparency.
  • Our solution can provide real-time, environmental footprinting  and make animal production even more sustainable, based on primary data.
  • Thus, we are looking for partners in the feed and animal protein value chain that want to pave the way into a sustainable future.

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Future vision with Opteinics™
Digital integration of the value chain for farm-to-fork transparency

Sensor technology & digitalization; Blockchain, transparency & traceability; New business models, services and ecosystems; Real-time environmental footprinting

Our Partners

Logo of Adifo Software


Adifo is our first-to-market feed formulation software partner, allowing an integration of Adifo BESTMIX® and Opteinics™.  We are also working together on a deeper integration that will establish capabilities for least impact optimization algorithms within BESTMIX®.

Logo of University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas

Collaboration on researching sustainability metrics and modeling in the feed and animal protein value chain.
The research is supporting the development of BASF’s Opteinics™.