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AgBalance™ Livestock

AgBalance™ Livestock


Next generation sustainability analytics for the animal agriculture value chain

Quantifying sustainability –
Creating value from data to enable sustainable innovations in feed formulations & animal protein

At BASF, we want to support our customers and partners in the animal agriculture value chain to be ahead of current and future market requirements by measuring and improving the sustainability performance of their operations. We designed an IT solution to evaluate and optimize the environmental footprint of animal protein based on readily available data from farm and feedmill operations that are coupled with sound scientific life-cycle metrics – AgBalance™ Livestock.

One of the biggest challenges for the agricultural sector is to show that modern farming is sustainable. Societal pressure regarding environmental impacts from the livestock sector continues to grow. BASF has developed a tailored calculation tool addressing challenges of livestock and feed producers in the diverse animal value chains.

What is AgBalance™ Livestock?

Based on life-cycle analytics, AgBalance™ Livestock considers the impact of user-defined diets and complements linear feed optimization software to define economically and nutritionally optimized diets. 

AgBalance™ Livestock provides a science-based and solution-oriented approach to create transparency on environmental impacts along the animal protein value chain from “cradle-to-slaughterhouse”, i.e., from feedstuffs and feed production, to animal farming and slaughter. For example, as shown in the figure, feed contributes the largest environmental impact (49%) across the pork value chain. That is where BASF’s solution starts. 

By applying AgBalance™ Livestock, we enable the users to create more sustainable diets and consider best practice farm management alternatives to discover the best option to produce more sustainable animal protein. 

AgBalance™ Livestock is currently available for pork. AgBalance™ Livestock for poultry will be available soon. Dairy and beef modules will be developed as well so that consistent analytics can be applied across all species.

AgBalance™ Livestock

  • assesses holistic environmental impact data, e.g. the carbon footprint of producing animal protein
  • enables to understand in detail where the impacts originate from 
  • unlocks opportunities for strategic decision-making and innovating more sustainable diets and farming practices

AgBalance™ Livestock – towards more sustainable animal protein

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