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With BASF, delicious can be a color.

Everyone who cares about food should care about its color. Color is more than just good looks; it is important for appeal and for perceived quality of food. At BASF we try to help farmers create more value from fewer resources. That is why carotenoids play such an important part in our work.  



The color of egg yolks ranges from a very pale yellow to a deep, dark, golden orange depending on a range of influences such as the carotenoid content in the diet, or the age of the hen. At the same time, markets around the globe have very clear preferences as to the desired color. Luckily, farmers who want to meet market demands can rely on Lucantin® Yellow, Lucantin® Red and Lucantin® CX forte for precise results. 


Fish, like salmon, trout and crustaceans, for example, use red carotenoid pigments for camouflage and communication. Fish lovers prefer their favorite food colored a delicious pink. Lucantin® Pink and Lucarotin® are two of the most efficient ways to achieve perfect pigmentation in aquaculture.

We put our collective expertise built on decades of experience into developing high-quality carotenoids – helping farmers make the best out of what they have. Creating more out of less is what we call creating chemistry.

Looking beautiful can be a hard job, but it pays off

If you appreciate beautiful colors in nature, chances are you are marveling at carotenoids at work. They give flamingos their distinctive pink feathers, they are behind the golden yellow foliage in fall. The most common is beta-carotene, the substance responsible for turning carrots orange. Maybe the most important thing about carotenoids is that although every living organism on the planet needs them, only plants, some algae and fungi can produce these pigments, every other species has to ingest them with their feed. The result is an appealing range of beautiful colors.

Pigmentation with BASF products

  • Efficiency – they show greater efficiency in comparison to natural products such as grass meal or marigold
  • Bioavailability – due to the improved bioavailability less of the pigment will end up as manure – and more of it will actually do its job
  • Reliability – every beadlet of our product contains the same amount of pigmenting agent while the percentage and strength of active pigmentation ingredients in plants depends on a range of factors such as weather, harvesting conditions or the soil they grow on
  • Usability – the beadlet technology ensures that the product is free-flowing, easy to handle and stirs up less dust, it also protects the pigments

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