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In 2050, nearly ten billion people will live on earth. While the world’s population and its demands will keep growing, the planet’s resources are finite. How can we achieve more with less? How to meet a growing demand for meat and animal protein while availability of agricultural land is decreasing? Looking at future trends and talking to our customers, sustainable solutions become more and more important.

Our science-led approach is designed to help you meet the challenges you face daily. Making more efficient use of resources, with fewer inputs for the same or greater outputs. Improving animal health and vitality. Increasing productivity. Reducing environmental impacts. Creating better feed to help create better food. Our feed ingredients offer is complemented by digital products, regulatory and sustainability expertise.

It’s all about being able to address the three key pillars of sustainability – economic, ecological and societal – and making them work successfully for your business, the planet and our shared future. With the science of sustainable feed feeding into that success.

Your benefits at a glance

With our feed portfolio we help you to 

  • Increase resource efficiency & reduce waste
  • Minimize emission & biodiversity impact 
  • Ensure consumer and employee health, safety and wellbeing
  • Promote vital growth of animals
  • Ensure long-term business success
  • Support ethical business

Discover how BASF Animal Nutrition products contribute


BASF sustainability expertise in feed and animal protein value chains

Clear global leader in value chain life cycle sustainability - BASF first to market globally with eco-efficiency analysis in 1996 - Many hundreds of eco-efficiency and LCA studies completed by BASF - Global partnerships in animal nutrition & livestock sectors

Making feed more sustainable with Opteinics™

With Opteinics™ BASF offers a digital solution that players in the feed or animal protein industry can use to understand and reduce their environmental impact. By offering dynamic environmental footprinting of feed and animal protein, Opteinics™ helps to identify opportunities for improvement, without compromising cost and nutrition. With its direct data integration possibility to feed formulation software, time and resources invested are kept to a minimum.


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