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We believe that salmon should be colored salmon

Fish, like salmon, trout and crustaceans, for example, use red carotenoid pigments for camouflage and communication. Fish lovers prefer their favorite food colored a delicious pink. Lucantin® Pink and Lucarotin® are two of the most efficient ways to achieve perfect pigmentation in aquaculture.

BASF recommends Lucantin® Red (canthaxanthin) and Lucantin® Pink (astaxanthin) for aquaculture. Generally, when products are added to a formulation preextrusion, the harsher the feed process, the more carotenoids will be lost. Lucantin® Pink and Red are available in the form of dry powder and CWD. The dry powder form should be used preextrusion and the CWD-formulation postextrusion.

Key benefits of BASF products for aquaculture pigmentation

  • Perfect pigmentation for fish, like salmon, trout and crustaceans
  • BASF offers expertise and support for our customers to achieve the perfect pigment for all kinds of fish

Red pigments play an important part in the underwater world. Many fish need them for camouflage and communication, while others further up the food chain require them to stay fit and healthy. We instinctively prefer a piece of vividly pink salmon to another, paler one. Because fish and crustaceans living in aquaculture cannot feed on carotenoid-containing algae and fish, they have to be provided with additional pig-ments in their feed. In other words, aquaculture farmers who want their salmon, trout and shrimp to have the desired high-quality color have to give nature a little boost.

There are many factors that can influence pigmentation; even fish with the same parents living in the same surroundings can show significant differences. That is why BASF tries to supply pigments in a form that adds no further insecurities. Among other things, the color of fish and crustaceans depends on:

  • Dosage of pigments
  • Duration of feeding
  • Feed intake
  • Feed conversion rate
  • Genetics
  • Environmental effects like temperature

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