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Lutrell® Pure

Lutrell® Pure is a feed additive for use in compound feed, special feedstuffs and supplementary feeds.

Feeding Lutrell® Pure increases milk yield, reduces milk fat slightly and improves blood glucose levels in lactating cows.

When dairy cows have access to pastures or green fodder, they ingest linolenic acid, among other things, which can be converted into conjugated linoleic acid in the rumen. This is why milk from grassfed cows usually contains more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than milk from cows that have no access to pastures or green fodder.

From an evolutionary perspective, cattle are grazing animals that live on grasses and herbs. They therefore primarily consume fat in the form of the unsaturated fatty acids like linolenic acids and linoleic acids. Conjugated linoleic acids are produced from these fatty acids in the rumen. This is why milk from grassfed cows usually contains more conjugated linoleic acids than milk from cows that have no access to pastures or green fodder. The term conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) includes a number of isomers. One of these, trans-10, cis-12 CLA, can be found in recognizable concentrations in milk from grassfed cows in spring. It is in this period that the ruminant animals would have originally transitioned from late pregnancy to early lactation. Today’s dairy cows calve throughout the year and, in addition, often have no access to pastures. It therefore seems appropriate, especially during the transition period, to support dairy cows with CLA-enriched feed. The positive effects of this measure have been proven by numerous studies.

At the start of lactation, the milk yield increases sharply. The associated production of lactose, protein and fat significantly increases the need for blood glucose. However, due to the usual energy deficit at the start of lactation, the first 70 to 90 days of lactation may be characterized by low blood glucose levels. At this point it is useful to lower the glucose requirement in the mamary gland for milk fat synthesis.

Key benefits of Lutrell® Pure

  • Increase of daily milk yield which contributes to sustainable lifetime performance
  • Supports cows health by relieving metabolism after calving
  • Positive contribution to fertility of dairy cows
  • Lower resource and feed costs per kg of milk produced
  • Short and long-term savings by improved milk production and fertility

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Lutrell® Pure stabilizes the metabolic situation of the dairy cow and helps to make milk production more economically sustainable


Lutrell® Pure calculator

Online, you can find the Lutrell® Pure calculator, which calculates and demonstrates the anticipated effects on animal yields and economic efficiency based on the operating situation.

Lutrell® Pure has exactly this effect and makes the start of lactation easier for the cow. It reduces the milk fat content during the supplementing phase in a dose-dependent manner and leads to lower blood glucose utilization per kilogram of milk. This supports the metabolism at the start of lactation and helps the cow to better overcome the transition period. Lutrell® Pure is fundamentally different from established measures that aim to optimize the dairy cow’s energy supply by increasing the energy intake. Scientific studies prove that a targeted reduction in milk fat through Lutrell® Pure leads to higher blood glucose levels in the first weeks of lactation. If fed prior to calving, the cow also mobilizes less body fat.

Lower body fat mobilization reduces the fatty acid load on the dairy cow’s liver. As a result, the liver will have to store less fat. reducing the risk of fatty liver disease, ketosis and secondary illnesses such as lameness, milk fever, retained placenta or mastitis. The dairy cow responds with a higher milk yield. A further consequence of the increased glucose level in the blood is for a positive effect on fertility traits. For example, progesterone is broken down more slowly, which ultimately causes the animals to start their cycles earlier and creates better conditions for the embryo. As a result, dairy cows can get into calf much earlier.

To sum up, Lutrell® Pure can help to use the cow’s energy reserves more efficiently by temporarily reducing the milk fat in a controlled manner, thus stabilizing the metabolic situation. Subsequently, the dairy cow’s productive lifetime and lifetime yield improve, which also makes milk production more economically sustainable (Fig. 1).

Recommendation for use

Lutrell® Pure is a feed additive for use in compound feed, special feedstuffs and supplementary feeds.

We recommend feeding 50g Lutrell® Pure per day from day 20 before calving until day 60 to 100 after calving. This flexibility is possible in order to fit into the feeding regiments of the individual herd.

A shorter period of use until the 30th day after calving is possible, but with a double dose to ensure effectiveness.

Disclaimer: National regulations may vary and need to be considered prior to product use.

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