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Lutavit® B2 SG 80

Lutavit® B2 SG 80 is the only B2 vitamin produced by the Ashbya gossypii fungus, a natural producer of vitamin B2. BASF’s technology can be considered to be the one closest to nature in the current vitamin B2 technology environment.

Application of Lutavit® B2 SG 80

The flowability and mixing behavior of Lutavit® B2 SG 80 is excellent and guarantees homogenous mixing with all types of feed. It is suitable for vitamin blends, premixes, mineral, and mixed feeds. The dried B2 product is especially suitable for use in fully automated small component dispensers.

Benefits of Lutavit® B2 SG 80

High-quality vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is crucial for the vital growth and development of animals as well as human beings. Owing to its role in the metabolism of proteins and fats, vitamin B2 is an essential micronutrient for all major species of livestock and companion animals. It is used as a feed additive in all types of feed. Vitamin B2 deficiency can cause retarded growth, poor food utilization, and diarrhea. In chickens, vitamin B2 deficiency typically causes the symptom of inwardly curved toes.

Premixers, feed millers, and integrators rely on a constant supply of vitamin B2 with a consistent quality. During the last 26 years BASF has continuously refined its unique technology that produces vitamin B2 in a way that ensures a pure and safe product.

A quite common way of producing vitamin B2 in the industry is by using the bacterium Bacillus subtilis. But BASF’s fermentation process with the unique Ashbya gossypii is different compared to other vitamin B2 producers in the world. In BASF’s fermentation process Ashbya gossypii metabolizes vegetable oil into vitamin B2 which is then isolated, purified, and dried.


BASF technology can be considered to be the one closest to nature in the current vitamin B2 technology environment: The fungus is closely related to baker’s yeast and is a natural producer of vitamin B2. The specific orange color of our Lutavit® B2 SG 80 is a result of our high-quality fermentation process.

Why choose BASF Lutavit® B2 SG 80?

  • Outstanding purity and stability while meeting highest global safety standards and regulatory requirements
  • Constant and reproducible quality as a result of applying strictest quality management standards
  • Excellent flowability and mixing behavior guarantees homogeneous mixing with all types of feed
  • Especially suitable for use in fully automated, small dispensers

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For more information on our vitamin B2 please refer to the video or download our flyer.

Dosage recommendations

Pigs (per kg complete feed (88% dry matter))
Piglets, prestarter 6-8 mg
Piglets, starter 5-7 mg
Grower 4-6 mg
Finisher 3-5 mg
Breeding sows 5-7 mg
Breeding boars 5-7 mg
Poultry (per kg complete feed (88% dry matter))
Chickens, starter 8-10 mg
Chickens, pullets 4-6 mg
Laying hens 5-8 mg
Breeding hens 8-10 mg
Broilers 5-7 mg
Turkeys, starter 10-14 mg
Turkeys, grower 6-8 mg
Turkeys, finisher 4-6 mg
Turkeys, breeding animals 8-10 mg
Ducks/geese 6-8 mg
Ruminants and horses (per animal and day)
Calves, milk replacers 
(per kg feed)
4-6 mg
(per 100 kg live weight per day)
8-12 mg
Saddle horses
(per 100 kg live weight per day)
6-8 mg
Racing horses and breeding horses
(per 100 kg live weight per day)
8-12 mg
Pets and fish (per kg complete feed (88% dry matter))
Dogs 4-6 mg
Cats 5-8 mg
Rabbits 3-6 mg
Minks 6-10 mg
Cold water fish 20-30 mg
Warm water fish 10-20 mg
Shrimps 50-80 mg

Disclaimer: National regulations may vary and need to be considered prior to product use.

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