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Lupro-Mix® NA

BASF organic acids – how sour can make farming sweeter

With organic acids from BASF, protecting the quality of your feed is safe and easy as these acids take their potency from nature’s realm.

Propionic acid and formic acid, the liquid starting materials for our Luprosil® and Amasil® product lines, occur in plants, in silage and even in foods. As natural preservatives, these organic acids are completely metabolized. Using Luprosil® and Amasil®, we therefore combat the dangers of feed contamination and loss by perfecting what nature already has to offer.

BASF has been working with Luprosil® propionic acid and Amasil® formic acid for decades in an effort to produce the best feed for your animals and your budget. Luprosil® is traditionally known for its preservative and mold-inhibiting properties. Amasil® in its purest form has a strong acidifying effect and pronounced antimicrobial efficacy. It is also a powerful weapon in the fight against pathogens such as salmonella and E. coli.

Key benefits of BASF´s buffered acids

  • Less high-quality (e.g. stainless steel) equipment needed
  • Not classified as “dangerous goods” by the regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods
  • Enhanced safety due to a higher flash point than pure acids
  • Reduces the risk of infection with salmonella

Why use Lupro-Mix®?

To provide you with the benefits of both substances, our various products combine them differently, guaranteeing the best results for every type of application.

As mixtures of both, Lupro-Mix® NA and Lupro-Cid® NA combine the strengths of formic and propionic acid without the corrosive side effects of pure acids. With our non-corrosive products, you can easily keep your feed free from microorganisms while enhancing animal performance.

Dosage recommendations

Recommended dosages of Lupro-Mix®/Lupro-Mix® NA for acidification and preservation in kg/t

  Lupro-Mix® Lupro-Mix® NA
Piglets 6-8 8-10
Fattening pigs 4-6 5-8
Breeding sows 5-6 7-8
Broilers 2-4 3-5
Turkeys 4-6 5-8

Online Calculator Feed preservation

This app supports you with all issues regarding preservation with organic acids by BASF.

Lupro-Mix® NA used as silage additive Treatment of complete bales:

Dry matter content of the forage Lupro-Mix® NA (kg/t forage)
Treatment of complete bales:  
Up to 25% 4 kg
25-35% 3 kg
Above 35% 4 kg
Surface treatment:
Up to 25% 2.4 l
25-35% 2.8 l
Above 35% 3.2 l

Disclaimer: National regulations may vary and need to be considered prior to product use.

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