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Lucantin® Pink (Astaxanthin)

Everybody's favorite color for everybody's favorite food.

Fish, like salmon, trout and crustaceans, for example, use red carotenoid pigments for camouflage and communication. Fish lovers prefer their favorite food colored a delicious pink. Lucantin® Pink is the most efficient way to achieve perfect pigmentation in aquaculture.

Key benefits of BASF carotenoids

  • Highly efficient and cost-effective
  • High bioavailability
  • Outstanding stability during storage and feed production
  • Color can be adjusted to meet customers' expectations

Role in animal nutrition

Astaxanthin is a feed additive which intensifies the pigmentation of fish and crustaceans. The animals are reliant on astaxanthin intake since they cannot synthesize the carotenoid them­selves. In the wild, astaxanthin is produced by plants, bacteria, algae and fungi, and from these organisms it is transferred up the food chain and stored in organisms that have the ability to do so. In culture situations where fish and crustaceans are not able to obtain enough “wild pigment” to satisfactorily pigment their tissues, astaxanthin preparations can be incorporated into the formulated feed.

Dosage recommendations

Lucantin® Pink dosage recommendations for fish and shrimps — to provide good/superior level coloration in marketed/processed product


Astaxanthin dosage

mg/kg feed

Feeding period
Atlantic salmon 70-80 Seawater phase,
70 g body weight – harvest
Rainbow trout 50-60 (in freshwater)
50 (seawater grown)
50 g body weight – harvest
100 g body weight – harvest
Coho salmon 50-70 Entire seawater phase
Chinook salmon 50-70 Entire seawater phase
Red seabream 50 100 g body weight – harvest
Red tilapia 50 100 g body weight – harvest
Red snapper 50 100 g body weight – harvest
Shrimp1 50-200 12 weeks pre-harvest
1 For health benefits throughout the culture of shrimp, continuous feeding of pigment is necessary.

Disclaimer: National regulations may vary and need to be considered prior to product use.

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